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Because we are the best Art hostel in Singapore, ever thought of staying in an Art Gallery? Is totally a new experience with the best ambience environment. We are Newly Opened in January 2012, hence we are definitely the cleanest and freshest hostel in town. Moni Gallery Hostel is near to the MRT subway station, which is the gateway to the whole of Singapore. It takes you a mere 5 mins' walk from the train station to reach us.

Moni Gallery Hostel offers more than just accommodation. If you are searching to stay in a unique and artistic environment, surely Moni Gallery Hostel is your best choice! Be ready to embrace the tranquil and inspiration provided by us. We have a wide variety of original paintings and sculptures in store for you at our hostel art gallery. We welcome all travellers, tourists, art lovers, artists to stay with us, even if you are not art inclined. You are absolutely welcome here.

If you are in search of new experience which you never had before, then we are the place for you. At Moni Gallery Hostel, you can get to meet people from many countries where you could learn and share your talents and experiences with one another. Hassle-free and stressless stay are what you get at Moni Gallery Hostel. Our paintings and sculptures would be a good talking-point between you and other travellers staying here. This enable you to make new friends and foster good friendship and probably pick up some interesting art pieces or skills along the way, besides being assured of a good rest at our hostel.

Moni Gallery Hostel provides you with a unique memorable experience. We are conveniently located near the culturally rich Little India, the centre for Singapore's Indian community. This ethnic quarter is packed with interesting treasures awaiting you to discover. It is one of the most colourful and exotic places to visit when you are here in Singapore. The streets around Moni Gallery Hostel are pampered with retail shops and eateries. Modern shopping malls, the MRT subway and convenient public transportation are just within walking distance. Whether you are a budget-conscious traveller or one that is after a some luxury, we are here for you.




We are Newly Opened on January 2012, so we are definitely the cleanest and freshest backpackers art hostel in town.





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Singapore is jam-packed with lots of exciting programmes; our full events calendar proves just that. From exhibitions and sporting events to musical performances and nightlife entertainment - there's so much for you to choose from. Notable annual events such as the Chingay Parade, Mosaic Music Festival and F1 Singapore Grand Prix are always a hit. The annual Great Singapore Sale is another event that's popular with both locals and tourists. With upcoming events in store for you, you will be simply spoilt for choice.

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